We eat your words

Pulse: New Music You Need #9

Here I go again on my own! Well, I’d rather be going on again with a whole horde or eager addicts of music, just shivering with the cold turkey shakes they get when waiting on that new music fix they need so bad; courtesy of PULSE: NEW MUSIC YOU NEED!

Of course, I like to pretend it’s that people keep coming back for me, to read my wise words, heed my keen musical advice, and playfully come to love me for my colourful meanderings and ramblings. I know that’s not the case. God, I’m lonely. ANYHOO! Here’s another eight new acts for you to eargest that just go to show that variety truly is the spice of life. Enjoy.

Dengue Fever                                                                       

dengue fever band

If I was to have my very own house band, sound tracking the entirety of the rest of my life, I think I’d have to ask that it would be Dengue Fever. At least that’s what I wrote before all the dissociative drugs could charge for the evening. However, I stand by it goddamn it! The six-piece may describe themselves as ‘Cambodian Psychedelic’, but there’s so much more on to them.

The songs often managing to come across like the soundtrack of a film-noir directed by David Lynch and Quentin Tarantino. And firstly, what a fucking film that would be, and secondly, holy shit the soundtrack those two would put together; surf, rock ‘n’ roll, jazz, psychedelia, Americana, and Asian pop. No wonder I got lost inside myself when the drugs kicked in proper.

Hey Elbow

hey elbow band

Swedish trio Hey Elbow may have found their beginnings in jazz music, and it’s clear to hear from the smatterings of intricate brass and technical drum fills and grooves throughout their music, but these inclinations and histories are just flavours of starting point for the full effect of the main meal.

Hey Elbow’s music expands ever outwardly into the waves of reverb and synth creating washes thick with atmosphere and anthem, but not so rich that the taste becomes sickly. No, Hey Elbow will bring things back down and subdue proceedings with subtly for a groove, riff, or lost-but-suddenly found vocal melody.

J Lima Foxtrot

j lima foxtrot artist

The time has come for acts to take things into their own hands if they wanna get anywhere in the music industry, especially if they want to keep their sound, their aesthetic, and their beliefs intact. Punk has long since been doing it DIY, but now it’s time for everyone to say fuck it and just fucking do it themselves.

J Lima Foxtrot is one such artist, after years doing the rounds on the music scene Foxtrot took it upon herself to get herself taught in the techniques of audio recording and production. The end results is to EPs of self-written, self-recorded, self-produced, master class of DIY electronica driven indie pop.


girlpool band

Girlpool are stripped back, and for this reason I too will stripped back. The duo comprised of Cleo Tucker (guitar) and Harmony Tividad (bass), hail from LA and formed in its infamous indie haunt ‘The Smell’.

The pair make the barest lo-fi you’ll hear this side of anything for a while, scrawled guitar riffs, wandering bass riffs, shrill vocal harmonies. Imagine if early Yeah Yeah Yeahs wrote Americana stung nursary rhymes fuelled by punching boys, well-place feminine outrage, and lashings of satire. Not to mention that the songs, as raw as they are, are as infectious as fuck.


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