PS5 DualSense Controllers Have Begun Appearing In Public

Crikey! A DualSense Controller out in the wild! Strewth!


I guess it’s finally happening. Can you believe it? A bunch of eagle-eyed users across the internet have managed to spot the PS5 DualSense Controller out in the wild ahead of the PS5’s launch on November 12th/19th.


Wait, Why Is The Controller Out And About So Early?

The US release date for PS5 accessories was recently brought forward to October 30th, almost two weeks before the launch of the new console. This would allow players to purchase items like PS5 headsets or controllers before the console comes out. Sony haven’t issued a reason as to why they’ve staggered the accessory release in this way, but if we had to guess, we imagine that Sony, and perhaps retailers too, want less reasons for people to crowd the shops when the console drops due to the pandemic. If you can pick up the accessories two weeks before launch, you only need to pick up the console come November 12th.


So Where Are The Controllers Popping Up?

Primarily, they’ve been spotted at Walmart, with shipments of the controller clearly arriving over the weekend. The controller has been seen in display cases, but naturally you can’t purchase the controller, as spotted by the Twitter user @Destruct___

Naturally though, the controllers have also been popping up on the Facebook Marketplace, as someone who clearly works in a shop has managed to snag a controller and post it for sale online for $100, a $30 mark-up on the recommended retail price. One listing was spotted by Reddit user Drew_Yt.

Found this listed locally on Facebook. How are these around yet? from PS5

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