PS5’s Activities Look To Be A Game-Changer For Trophy Hunters

Not those kinds of Trophy Hunters.


Today, Sony published a 11 minute walkthrough of the PS5’s User Experience, showcasing the UI layout and various features that players will get to grips with once the PS5 launches next month. You can check out the walkthrough for yourself above, but pay particular attention to activities, which look to really change how Trophy Hunters will complete PS5 games.


What Are Activities?

Activities are one of the new features to the Command Center, an interactive overlay that appear when you press the PlayStation button while playing a game. The center allows you to access parties, screenshots, friends lists and more, but the biggest addition here is Activities.

Demonstrating using Sackboy, Activities offer suggestions on tasks to complete within your PS5 games, such as finding secret items or completing specific missions. The feature will even display certain hints if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, with picture and video hints provided. These video hints can be displayed via picture-in-picture, or snapped to the side of the screen similar to Xbox’s long ditched feature.


How Will This Help Trophy Hunters?

Offering ways to ensure games are 100% completed within the PS5’s own user experience (i.e. not having to load a separate webpage) should ensure that more people fully complete games and strive for those Platinum Trophies, especially now that they mean more with regards to the new Trophy levelling system.

My only concern with the PlayStation 5’s Command Center is that it seems a bit too cluttered for my liking. There’s a lot of cards competing for real estate on the screen, making it a bit intimidating when first viewing. However, I’m sure it’ll become normal after some time with the console.

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