Sony Announce A Revamp For PlayStation Trophies

Time to amend that trophy cabinet.

Pkatinum trophy

With the launch of the PS5 right around the corner, Sony have announced that they’re completely revamping the Trophy levelling system, making for a more rewarding system for those just getting started with their PlayStation account.


How Are Trophy Levels Changing?

Right now, Trophy levels go from 1-100, with players advancing through the levels the more Trophies they attain. The change will see the levels stretch out from 1-999, with your current Trophy level amended to match the new system. The PlayStation Blog post detailing the changes states that “if your current Trophy level is 12, your new level will jump to somewhere in the low 200’s”, though the exact level will depend on the types of Trophies you’ve earned.

The way the levels are being calculated have been changed, with players advanced quickly through the earlier levels than before, with more consistent levelling overall. Any Platinum trophies earned will also count more towards level progression, so if you need any extra motivation to 100% your old games, here’s the reasoning. On PS5, Sony are even introducing new icons to indicate Trophy level, with Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum levels covering 1-999.

This new Trophy level system will apply across PS4, PS5 and “past systems”, the PlayStation app and My PlayStation, with old Trophies earned still counting towards the new level. PlayStation Blog France also briefly mentioned that players would be able to track their Trophies on the new system, though that’s since been removed. Hopefully, it’s still a feature we’ll get to use once the new updates go live.


When Will This Update Go Live?

These changes will implemented automatically on the server side of things, with the update set to go live later tonight in North America, and tomorrow in Europe. Time to hunt for those Trophies ahead of the PS5’s launch next month. Got to make sure your level is the highest it can be for the new console.

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