How to Fix Your PS5 Controller Not Charging

Make it comes to its DualSenses.


There’s only one thing worse than being in the middle of an intense battle when your controller dies — that controller not recharging. The PS5’s DualSense controller is a marvel of a peripheral for console gaming, but only if the internal battery retains a charge. There may be rare instances where the controller simply won’t recharge. And in those moments, you may be inclined to toss the controller and buy a new one.

We implore that you hold off on your gut reaction, though, so we can walk you through how to fix a PS5 controller that’s not charging. Try these quick troubleshooting steps to see if you’ll need to order yourself a new DualSense controller.

Make Sure the PS5 is On

If your console is completely powered off, it won’t be able to charge your controller. If the PS5 is in Rest Mode, you’ll need to have enabled Rest Mode charging. To do this:

  • Go to Settings → Power Saving → Features Available in Rest Mode
  • Set Power Supply to USB Ports to either “3 Hours” or “Always”


Ensure Your Controller’s Firmware is Up to Date

It’s possible your controller just needs to be updated. If your controller can still power on:

  • Go to Home Screen → Settings → Accessories → Controllers → Wireless Controller Device Software
  • Then connect your DualSense to your PS5 and wait for the download to finish


Reset the Controller

Your controller may need to be reverted back to its factory settings. If a firmware update doesn’t help, reset the controller, take a toothpick, pin, or paperclip, and press the button in the tiny hole on the controller’s back.

Once reset, it will be as if you just bought it, so it will need to be reconnected to your PS5.


Try a Different USB Port on Your PS5

It’s possible the fault is with one of your USB port’s connections. Simply try charging the DualSense from the other USB port. If this works, repairs or cleaning may be needed to get the other port working again.


Additionally, if neither PS5 port works, test the cord in the USB port on your PC/laptop or wall plug. If your controller charges from a separate device, then the issue is in your PS5.


Verify That the USB Ports Are Clean

A poor connection can keep your controller from charging, and dirt can cause a poor connection.

Check the USB ports on your console and remove any buildup that may have formed. If they do need to be cleaned, a can of compressed air will loosen most dirt. Alternatively, you can very gently use a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol.


Test the Charging Cable on Another Device

Maybe the issue has been the cord all along. If you have another device compatible with the USB cable, test to see if the cord is working. If the other device charges without issue, then the problem lies in your DualSense.


Confirm That It’s the Battery

You can run a quick test to determine if the DualSense battery is faulty. If you can power on the controller and use it to play a game while it’s plugged in, but it still won’t charge, then the battery may need to be replaced.

Unfortunately, the process to replace the battery isn’t easy and risks permanently damaging the controller.


If All Else Fails

If, after all of these tests and fixes, you still can’t get the DualSense to charge, you have two options:

  1. If it’s under warranty, contact PlayStation customer support
  2. If it’s not under warranty, buy a new PS5 controller


How Can I Prevent Charging Issues?

A faulty battery is frustrating, so you want to take extra care of your DualSense to prevent it from breaking. To minimize the risk of your PS5 controller not charging:

  • Keep all ports clean
  • Unplug the DualSense when it’s fully charged
  • Carefully roll wires when storing to prevent damage

The DualSense is a unique bit of kit for the PlayStation 5, but it sure can be temperamental sometimes. Hopefully with these tips you will be able to charge that faulty PS5 controller back up and jump back into gaming.

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