Power Rangers Will Feature The First LGBT Protagonist In A Superhero Movie

Hollywood is go go going in the right direction.


Given the fact that the current POTUS and his cabinet are all a bunch of right-wing kooks, we should be ever thankful to Hollywood for gradually dragging the USA in a more progressive direction.

Right now, conservatives all over the world are throwing temper tantrums over the fact that Disney’s new Beauty and the Beast movie features a gay character in the form of LeFou, although with an astonishing gross of $352,275,977, they can take their bigoted views and stuff them.

The conservatives are soon going to stomping their feet all over again, because The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Lionsgate’s upcoming Power Rangers, from Project Almanac director Dean Israelite, will feature the first LGBT character in a mainstream superhero movie in the form of the Yellow Ranger (Becky G). Her sexuality will be addressed briefly in a conversation about relationship issues in the second act of the film.

I guess we can expect boycotts and difficulties in getting the film screened in certain countries. Lionsgate were no doubt aware of the controversy that their decision would likely lead to, so kudos to them for letting equality win.


Opening on March 24, Lionsgate are no doubt hoping that Power Rangers will signal the start of a new cinematic universe, because apparently these days a major movie studio without a shared universe franchise is no cinematic universe at all.


Get paid.