Pokémon Go: Pokémon Day 2020 Events, Raids, Trades & More

Where were you when the original Pokémon games came out?

Pokemon Red

On February 27th, 1996, the very first Pokémon games (Red and Green) launched in Japan. Ever since then, February 27th has been known as Pokémon Day, and this year Niantic is celebrating that day in Pokémon Go. With special Raids, special Pokémon and more, there’s plenty to keep you busy in game this week. All of these bonuses will be live from February 25th, 1pm PST (9pm GMT) until March 2nd 1pm PST (9pm GMT).

Party Pokémon
Pikachu with a party hat has been included in the game before, but this time around it is joined by Eevee, Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle wearing party hats as well. Pikachu and Eevee can be found in the wild, whereas Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle will be in 7km Eggs and T1 Raids. All of these Pokémon have the chance to be shiny as well, so keep an eye out for any of these on your travels.

Armoured Mewtwo
As an homage to the Mewtwo Strikes Back film, Armoured Mewtwo was added as a T5 Raid Boss a few months back. With the new release of the animated movie, Mewtwo is back as a Raid Boss again, but this time will have Psystrike as its Charged Move. This is a hard hitting and quickly charged move, which will be useful for you in both PvP and Raid Battles, and is a move that Armoured Mewtwo couldn’t learn previously, so make sure you try and get at least a couple of these.

Clone Pokémon
In an additional nod to the new film coming out, Clone Pokémon have been released in the game. Clone Venusaur, Charizard and Blastoise will be in T4 Raids, and will have the similar pattern that the Clone Pokémon had in the film. Clone Pikachu can also appear when you take a Snapshot in game, so don’t forget to do that during the event. It isn’t clear yet whether these Pokémon will have unique movesets or whether it is simply a skin change.

Special Trades
During the event, you will be able to do two special trades a day instead of the usual one. A special trade includes trading new Pokédex entry Pokémon, Shiny Pokémon and Legendary Pokémon. If there’s something you need that you don’t have, or you’re looking to try and get some more Lucky Legendaries, then this week is the perfect time to get those extra trades in.

Raid Day
On Sunday, March 1st, there is a special three hour Raid event, where every gym will have a Raid on it for the full three hours. This time around, there are two special Pokémon: Nidorino with a party hat and Gengar, knowing Lick and Psychic, with a party hat. Both of these Pokémon have the possibility of being Shiny, and during the three hours you can get five extra Raid Passes by spinning stops, rather than the usual one. These will only be available during the event, so it is worth doing at least five raids just to make use of the free Raid Passes. Nidorino will be a T2 Raid, so it should be easily soloable, whereas Gengar will be a T4, so you will be looking at two or three people to get that one done.

Pokémon Go is a free to play mobile game, which brings the Pocket Monsters themselves into the real world. Catch and battle Pokémon wherever you are in the world, and make friends to interact and trade with, to fulfil the ultimate goal of catching them all.

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