Pokémon GO Community Day Classic: Bulbasaur – All You Need To Know

Pokémon GO Community Day Classic Bulbasaur
Pokémon GO Community Day Classic Bulbasaur

Niantic has always found the Pokémon GO Community Days popular since they began, as it gives all the players an opportunity to find a, usually rare or highly sought after, Pokémon everywhere. While the December Community Days also give players the chance to catch every Pokémon available that year, chances are that if you’re a newer player, you may have missed some of the earlier Community Day featured Pokémon. That’s changing now, with the introduction of Community Day Class, which features an old Community Day Pokémon. In this case, it’s Bulbasaur.


Pokémon GO Community Day Classic: Bulbasaur Date & Time

The Bulbasaur Community Day Classic will occur on Saturday, January 22nd, 2022 from 2pm to 5pm local time.


Pokémon GO Community Day Classic: Bulbasaur Features

The featured Pokémon for this first Community Day Classic is Bulbasaur, which will be appearing frequently and have the chance to appear shiny, which is a lighter green colour. If you choose to evolve an Ivysaur, Bulbausar’s second evolution, into Venusaur, the third evolution, during the event or up to two hours after, then your Vensaur will know Frenzy Plant. This is a strong and sought after 2 bar Charged move that does 100 damage, and can be useful to you in both Raids and Battles.


Pokémon GO Community Day Classic: Bulbasaur Event Bonuses

As expected, there are a number of special bonuses which will be live for the duration of the event. These are as follows:

– 3x catch XP, which is a great opportunity to try and level up through catches
– Incense will last for 3 hours, offering lots more chances to spawn Bulbasaur
– Lure Modules will last 3 hours, another chance to encounter Bulbasaur
– Special Snapshot bonuses, which will see Bulbasaur appear when you take a snapshot of your buddy in-game

There will also be a Special Research Story event to purchase, for $1 or regional equivalent, which will give you Research tasks to complete for items and Bulbasaur evolution line encounters.

Don’t forget to check the in-game shop during the event as well, to collect your 30 free Ultra balls. If you’re looking to spend money, then there will be the usual Community Day box available for 1280 Pokécoins, which will contain 50 Ultra Balls, 5 Lucky Eggs, 5 Star Pieces and an Elite Charged TM.

Pokémon GO is available now for iOS and Android.

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