Who are you?
Vearna has been writing since high school. She loves putting her thoughts on paper as this is her most effective way of communicating with others

Lost meaning

Currently she knows no shine
Wakes every morning with no smile
Broken to splinters, she now sits
Eyes staring as bottomless pits.

There in those pits, a shadow lingers,
A burning pyre where her father laid.
In her culture, no pennies on his eyes
She had felt the flames as they reached the sky
Yelled out in agony, reached for papa, the man she never thought would die.
Three years to date,
Those bottomless pits still see
Shadows of a burning pyre.

A Term for my name

You alone knew my name
That term we once used as playmates
So when you sang, I danced and ran
Never had I allowed you to touch my hands.
Our laughter echoed across the meadow
Where it reached the sun’s shadow.
As we grew one day we knew
Our hearts had grown fonder too.
Then one day you called that term with such fire!
At first I questioned your quietude as you lingered.
But when I looked into your soul,
There I saw your love untold!
I bowed and blushed, put fort my hands
With eyes closed you took me away forever to be…yours.

I Live to Learn

I live to learn and learn to live
Among the green upon the hills.
I live to learn as their life giving moments grow.

I learn to live among the drought
Where humans scavenge with thirsting hearts
Not knowing where education starts!
Why? Food is all on their visions path!

So I conclude along life’s road,
It’s better I live to learn among the trees.
Than I learn to live after destroying my home… Earth!

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