POETRY SPOTLIGHT: Bryant Eugene Vazquez

Bryant Eugene Vasquez

Who are you?
I was born in East Los Angeles, CA on the wrong night. Grew up in Southwest and Northern Arizona. I took a drunken train ride bound for NYC, but landed in Philly. It’s been two and half years, and I’m still here.

Anything else we should know?
This is my first literary submission ever.

Social Links
Instagram: brygenevaz

When I Was Young

When I was young
When I was young
Single handedly
Wiped out a couple of cunts
In a fell swoop
A hero
Versus villainous whores

Ah, they love the power
And seek attention of gods—
The odd men

Nothing more will do
They’ll drink you off
They will cut your hair

You’ll stand
And afraid of flowers

Pacing Around the Sick Room

Pacing around the sick room
Crossed legs
Babies slobbering
Spitting up
Impatient mothers
Maternal blue frustrations
White trash next to me
Signaling anxiously
He’s most important
Television pimps
Pixilated whores on the screen
Keep breathing
Visuals rape the common eye
But none are bleeding
Therapeutic plastic yellow chairs
Stealing cheap mints by the fist
Festering small talk
Hinges desperate for grease
Voices mashed
Into smeared inaudible feasting
There is no waiting
There is always waiting
Weighing the grief of orphan thoughts
Hungry with the language of limitation
At this point despair feels cheap
Its skin is old, and waiting

You Whom I Hardly Knew

You, whom I hardly knew,
Stared at me,
Early with love
I, in search of anything,
Stared back–detached,
Vulgar gleaming eyes

Your body arched,
A perfect bend,
A river in motion

My wretched body,
An old battle-axe,
Splinters with purpose

What reason is this?

Destruction well fed,
Part ways with her legs

A safe and small distance
A river dam


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