Poem of the Week: ‘Forward through the adverts’ by Lee Switzer

Cultured Vultures Poem of the Week

2nd Place

‘Nature vs. Nurture’ by Suzi Ataei

You are

a conglomeration –

words given breath,

thoughts lurking behind teeth,



into ancestral circulating rivers



a jagged island shaped by the ocean.



mold everything touched with their essence –

grooves pressed into your life’s texture,

colored with everlasting impressions,





I am me


you are you:

this body,

its vibrations


and allegations –

they are mine.


Yet –

can you hear father in the amused curl of my lips?

Does mother greet you from the depths of my indignant gaze?

Grandmother’s wisdom rises and falls with the cadence of my song,

grandfather lives in the humility of my bones,

Iran shrouds the proud line of my spine,

Texas chisels the stubborn line of my jaw,

North Carolina curves the provocative tilt of my hips,


my sister’s vicious vivacity burns my blood.

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