PlayStation Stars: Sign-Up, Rewards & More

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PlayStation Stars
PlayStation Stars

If you’ve been hoping for Sony to introduce a way to reward your loyalty while playing your favorite PlayStation games, there is now something just for you. Sony have announced PlayStation Stars, a new program designed to encourage players to complete campaigns and activities to earn rewards. Here’s everything you need to know about PlayStation Stars, including what it is and what rewards you can get from it, as well as when you can sign up.


PlayStation Stars FAQ

PlayStation Stars: What Is It?

PlayStation Stars is a new program from Sony that players can sign up to for free, though it’s not clear yet how.

Those who sign up will be able to earn rewards by completing a series of campaigns and activities, including monthly check-ins which ask you to just play a game to earn some reward. On top of that, “other campaigns require you to win tournaments, earn specific trophies, or even be the first player to platinum a blockbuster title in your local time zone.”


PlayStation Stars Rewards

Completing these campaigns will earn players loyalty points, which can be redeemed in a catalogue that may include PSN wallet funds and select PlayStation Store products. PlayStation Plus members who sign up to Stars will also earn loyalty points when making purchases on the PlayStation Store as a rebate, similar to how the Microsoft Rewards program works for Xbox users. Bear in mind, though, that you don’t need to be signed up to Plus to make use of Stars.

PlayStation are also promising that the Stars program will include “digital collectibles,” and while that might sound like NFTs, PlayStation’s Grace Chen confirmed in an interview with the Washington Post that they definitely aren’t. We can all breathe a sigh of relief.

According to Sony, these collectibles are “digital representations of things that PlayStation fans enjoy, including figurines of beloved and iconic characters from games and other forms of entertainment, as well as cherished devices that tap into Sony’s history of innovation.”

Here’s a list of rewards players can expect from PlayStation Stars:

– PSN funds
– Games
– Digital collectibles

Players can use loyalty points to buy these rewards.


PlayStation Stars Launch Date

Early testing is currently underway for the program, but PlayStation Stars will receive a full launch through phased regional rollouts later in 2022. No timeline or expected launch date has been given yet, however.

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