We eat your words

Playlist of the Week: Farewell to Summer

It hung around for a bit longer than we were expecting, but the Great British Bakeoff is finally over. Sorry, summer. Well, both. Anyway, as the days shorten, the temperature dips and mindsets switch from beers in the sun to how soon is too soon to start buying Christmas decorations, I thought I’d give you one last taste of summer ’16. As such, this week’s playlist is a collection of characterstically summery hits from this year so far.

Not all of them were necessarily released in summer, some were earlier and others were later, but all come together to help define the rich tapestry of music we’ve been gifted with this year. What you’ll find here is a mixture of energised dance, optimistic hip-hop, big band brass, interplanetary funksmanship and everything in between. The playlist closes out with a track from the brand new Mouse Outfit release – The Mouse Outfit: Remixed, which sure as hell feels like summer 2016’s perfect swansong.