How to Play Music on the Nintendo Switch

Switch music
Switch music

The Nintendo Switch is renowned for being the first console to really offer a wide array of games that can be played handheld and docked. However, as its features are so basic (where’s these new themes at, Nintendo?) and focused mainly on just gaming, the Switch is without native support for MP3 playback, making it seem at first glance unsuitable for those looking to use it as a music player.

Despite this, there are alternative methods to bake music playback the Switch experience, but it really is an awful lot of work.

The homebrew community has developed applications that enable MP3 playback on the Switch, such as Triplayer, which you can see in rather convoluted action below.

It’s important to approach these solutions with caution, as modifying the Switch’s software is not endorsed by Nintendo and carries risks such as voiding the warranty or facing bans from online services.

Players can even use apps on their Switch like KORG Gadget to actually make music, which probably isn’t what most people are after if they’re just looking for some soundtracks to play in the background while they game.

In essence, while the Nintendo Switch does not come with built-in capabilities for playing MP3 files or managing a music library, there are workarounds through certain features and homebrew applications. These methods, however, come with limitations and potential risks. For those seeking a dedicated music playback experience, maybe just playing your music off your phone will be the best method.

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