Ones to Watch: Emma Appleton

If there’s one model who’s most deserving of you attention right now, we’d put our money on the amazing Emma Appleton standing out above the rest.

After a torrid past month for the young London-based model (we’ll let a quick Google search answer why for you), she could have very easily shied away from the spotlight but rather than do that, she’s been on top form ever since.

Known for high-profile campaigns across the globe, Appleton has a beauty that’s rare to come by and rumour has it, that’s really important when you’re a model. However, possibly the most endearing thing about her is that she’s not your everyday model – Emma is blessed with a charming personality, a famous wit, a bit of an appetite…

…and a healthy dose of skepticism.

Her Twitter is littered with gems like these and reveal a fascinating insight into the industry she’s in. It’s a career which has seen her work with the biggest names in the industry and you may have caught her on the catwalk or wearing some of the slickest threads from only the best clothing companies worldwide. Do not be surprised to see her face on a billboard in the not too distant future.

We talked to Emma about how she got started, an alternative career and what the future holds and afterwards, we kind of want to be her friend just a little bit.

Photo Credits: Federico Pestilli
Photo Credits: Federico Pestilli
1. How are you, Emma?

I’m very well, thank you! Rather busy but it’s keeping me going.


2. Tell us a little about yourself.

Well I’m 22, I love books, cheeseburgers and a heavy use of sarcasm!

I often get described as a baby giraffe due to the fact I can’t control my long limbs, especially when I dance!


3. How did you first get into modelling? Were you scouted?
Emma at 15
Emma at 15

I started off doing a few things when I was 16 but when I left school my parents suggested I try modelling full time so I applied to agencies and here I am – 6 years later.


4. Do you see a big change in yourself from when you were first on camera to how you are now?


I hate looking at old modelling photos of myself as I had no idea what I was doing! But I’ve learnt a lot over the years.


5. You’ve modelled for many different photographers but you have a bit of a soft spot for Walnutwax. What is it that makes you two click so well? Is there anyone else you particularly love working with?
Emma with Walnutwax
Emma with Walnutwax

He’s one of the loveliest and most genuine people I’ve worked with. He has such a passion for photography and I love the fact his work is so raw and he lets you express yourself.

I also love working with Darren Black, he’s so creative and it’s always fun at his studio!


6. Do you have any horror stories from photo-shoots or have you been quite lucky in that respect?

I’ve been pretty lucky, although someone did cut all my hair off and dye it green a few years ago, I learnt my lesson that day to actually speak up for myself if I’m not happy with what’s being done.

An important reminder in this industry!


7. Who is the absolute dream for you to model for?

I’d love to do a Doc Martens or Fred Perry campaign as I’ve been wearing their clothes and shoes for years. They have a more androgynous and edgy image which is exactly my style too.


8. If you weren’t modelling, what else would you be doing?
Emma Appleton

I’d like to be counselling young adults and teenagers with mental illness as that’s a subject very close to my heart.

I’m also interested in writing but I don’t manage to fit that in with modelling.


9. What would you say to anyone who wants to start working in the industry?

I’d say to make sure you have your head screwed on.

It’s an amazing industry full of adventures and opportunities but it can also be damaging to a vulnerable mind. It’s not as easy as people assume!


10. And finally, what does the future hold for Emma Appleton?

Well for now I want to see where modelling takes me but after that, who knows!

I’m not much of a planner so I’ll just go with it and see where I end up.


Emma on Twitter: @emmajappleton
Emma on Instagram: emmajappleton

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