Ones to Watch: Sarah Sumeray

Summer Ray

Remember a few days ago when we featured Illustrated Twitter Typos? Really? Dude, it was great. You have to go and read that, like, right now. We’ll wait.


Sarah Sumeray is a hugely-talented actor, voiceover artist and burgeoning comedian. Her previous stint on ‘Skit Happens’ has honed her natural comedy skills and she is now making a name for herself the old-fashioned way via social media. We dare you to wander onto her Vine and not be utterly charmed by the lunacy. As for her Twitter, well, we’ll let her do the talking for that one.

We were so taken with the levels of rib-tickling that went into each of the cleverly-constructed putdowns that we had to reach out to the person behind them. After not shooing us away with a broom, CV were delighted to snare the amazing Sarah Sumeray aka @summerray for a quick chat and to make her the subject of our very first Ones to Watch. Professionally, obviously. There are no thickets of binoculars involved.

Sarah Sumeray

Sarah Sumeray


1. Hey Sarah, how are you?

I’m alright thanks. I just ate some soup.

2. You’re pretty much social media comedy royalty. How did that come about?

I wouldn’t say that at all so I can’t really answer that, but thank you for thinking so!

3. Are there any shameful secrets to constructing the perfect tweet? Do you plan it weeks in advance?

Her Twitter game is strong.
Her Twitter game is strong.

I think you have to have an awareness of what’s trending in the moment as trends come and go very quickly but I really think It’s about being yourself and not trying too hard as people can see right through that. Don’t steal jokes, try and be creative even if you risk failure. Tweet what you think is funny. If you enjoy it, it’s likely there will be others who enjoy what you’re doing too. God, I sound pretentious.

4. How was it working with Daniel Shirley?

It was great working with Daniel Shirley, he’s a very talented and creative guy.

5. There’s a WWE Diva by the name of Summer Rae. Do you plan on challenging to her to a bout for full ownership of the name?

We know who our money's on.
We know who our money’s on.

I get mistaken for either Summer Rae or Aubrey Plaza at least twice a day.

I’m pretty sure 50% of my followers think they’re following somebody else.

6. As well being good at the funnies, you are really good at the singing. Is that something you’d like to pursue as a career? Not anymore. I used to sing quite a bit in the past but it’s not really something I want to take further than the bathroom now.

8. A famous comedian retweets you. Who would it be?

Boris Johnson

9. And finally, who would win in a bare knuckle boxing match between Postman Pat and Fireman Sam?

Are they allowed to use props? Postman Pat could do some serious paper cut damage.

Check out Sarah’s impressive portfolio and actually rather natty website at:

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