Off the Tracks Documentary Examines the Impact of Final Cut Pro X

A documentary about video editing software may not exactly sound like the most riveting of subjects, but we’re getting one either way in the form of Off the Tracks, which is currently raising funds on Kickstarter. The feature-length doc will explore the impact that Apple’s Final Cut Pro X continues to have on the editing industry.

As someone accustomed to Final Cut Pro 7, I was never able to become assumed to X, but apparently a great number of people were as it’s now pretty much seen as the default editing software. Either way, Off the Tracks will examine in detail how professional editors reacted to the new software since its original release back in 2011. It will be directed by independent filmmaker Bradley Olsen, with interviewees including Whiskey Tango Foxtrot editor Jan Kovac and a ton of other industry professionals. Enjoy the first trailer below:

The film’s currently reached $25,109 against a modest goal of just $10,000, and there’s still a few days left if you’d also like to lend them a hand.

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