If No Man’s Sky Was A Top Down Adventurer

No Man's Sky Top Down

No Man’s Sky has been getting relentlessly bagged on lately with plenty of people claiming that it was marketed full of lies and that the finished product is just a buggy, generic mess. Of course, No Man’s Sky still has its fans, but as more and more people are letting their criticisms be heard, the positive voices are getting harder and harder to hear.

Personally, I find it’s a game that offers a lot within the first 10 hours before quickly becoming a chore. It doesn’t really do anything to warrant its price tag and certainly isn’t the game I, and many others hoped it would be. However, its first hour is a gaming moment I wish I could crystallise and remember the feeling of for a long time.

One team with plenty of passion for No Man’s Sky are YouTuber group Nimbus. They’ve created a top down version of the game in this charming animation. Nimbus dudes, if you’re reading this, don’t let those dislikes get you down – it’s more to do with the game itself than what you made here.

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