The Next Team Fortress 2 Comic Will Be Out This Week

TF2 comic

The latest TF2 comic will be arriving this week, Valve’s Jay Pinkerton has confirmed on Twitter.

Issue #6 of the game’s companion comic has been highly anticipated ever since the release of #5 (“Old Wounds”) back in August of 2015, where we were left with a tantalizing (if not frustrating) cliffhanger ending.

Fans of the comic have been growing increasingly impatient to see its release, but as is always the case with the TF2 comics, I’m sure it will be worth the wait.

So far we have no confirmation on what the comic’s plotline will revolve around, except for a teaser image that Pinkerton tweeted, depicting Heavy and Medic in an homage to DC’s Crisis on Infinite Earths #7, a cover famous for its harrowing portrayal of the death of Supergirl. Does this, then, foreshadow the end of our favourite Medic? I want to say no, partly because the idea of that would break my heart, but also because I personally can’t see the comics team killing off a lead character so close to Sniper’s near-death experience in issue #5.

But then again, this is a world of mercenaries and murder, so perhaps I’m wrong and I’ll spend the rest of next week mourning my favourite bird-loving medic…