New Switch Commercial Leaks Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Stage Builder

Someone forgot to edit that out in post.

Smash Ultimate

A new Nintendo Switch commercial that showcases Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has seemingly leaked the existence of a Stage Creator mode for the game. Check out the trailer below, but try not to blink because it’s in the first shot.

While there’s the smallest of possibilities this footage is from a pre-release version of the game with features that got cut, it’s more likely that the commercial was filmed with the latest version of the game. The Stage Creator mode itself has been a part of Smash Bros. in Brawl and the Wii U versions, so it makes sense that’ll be returning at some point, but we’re still hoping for the Stadium mode to return too.

The Stage Creator mode, if it does exist, would likely be added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as part of the long anticipated Spring update, which is set to add Persona 5’s Joker as a DLC character. What are your thoughts on the idea of a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Stage Creator? Will you use it to make a giant penis? Let us know in the comments.

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