New Rust PS4 & Xbox One Teaser Trailer Shows Off Console Action

Plus beta keys are now rolling out.

Rust Kayak

It’s been a long wait, but Rust fans can now enjoy a first look at the game running on a PS4 and Xbox One. Check out the teaser trailer released by Double Eleven above.

It’s a short trailer, hence the “teaser” aspect, though just from a little glimpse it’s clear developers Double Eleven have been putting in the work to make it run smoothly. We see a player in a hazmat suit running around and taking on heli before finally catching a player unawares with a double barrel. Should really have been a naked creeping up with an Eoka, but we will take it.

There’s a lot going on in the teaser with the framerate seemingly keeping up just fine, which is what most care about. While some of the textures are possibly a tad flat, it would basically be impossible for anyone to make tech that is over seven years old handle such an intensive game all that smoothly. DayZ and 7 Days To Die both chunter along on console, so as long as Rust does better than those, we should be in for a decent alternative.


When Is Rust Coming To Console?

Before official release, Double Eleven are inviting players to a Limited Beta that will roll on for at least a few weeks. There’s been no official word on when it will start, though those who have been signed up to the newsletter for the longest time will get preference. Those players have already been sent keys in the game’s first wave of sendouts, so bear with Double Eleven as they start to send out more.

Rust is available now for PC.

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