Rust Console Beta: How To Register & What You Should Know

It's finally happening.

Following a long period of waiting after its initial announcement and subsequent delay out of 2020, Rust: Console Edition is finally getting a limited beta for players on PS4 and Xbox One.

Available to a limited (hence the name) amount of people, the beta will offer console players a first glimpse at Rust running on PlayStation and Xbox, though only for North America and Europe.

Here’s everything you need to do to sign up for the Rust: Console Edition beta.


When Does The Rust: Console Edition Limited Beta Start?

The limited beta is underway as of March 1st and will conclude on April 5th, 2021. Keys are being given out as of now for those who signed up.

The newsletter also mentions the servers will be offline “every Tuesday, 10.00am (UTC) for necessary maintenance”, so this will be a rolling beta. It would kind of have to be to replicate the life-consuming experience of Rust.


Where Do I Sign Up?

Those who signed up to the official newsletter from the website were the first to get notified about the beta sign-up, which is here. If you had previously submitted your details, you should then be able to follow the beta sign-up steps. Search for an email from Double Eleven in your inbox.

However, at this time of writing, the survey doesn’t seem to be working properly, but we were able to register and were told “we will get in touch with chosen players via email” once we submitted our details. You may have to disable your adblocker. For Xbox players, you will also have to provide the email you use for your Microsoft account.

As for who’s eligible, it just seems to be based on who they can squeeze in with more added over time to stress test things. According to the newsletter:

“This test is designed to stress our servers with an increasing number of players. We are going to start small and then continue to add more players over the next few weeks.

“Things are likely to break and you should expect them to.”

If you were not a part of the newsletter before February 21st, 2021, you will have to wait while more players are invited over time. While there’s no guarantee you will be included, sign-ups aren’t exclusive to just those who were signed up to Double Eleven’s mailing list.

As this is a limited beta, that means there are some restrictions in place. Players will not be allowed to take screenshots, videos, or stream their experience with Rust on console, or they may find themselves banned from the beta and those in the future, not to mention the full game.


What’s Rust Again?

Rust is a PVP survival game where loot gremlins battle each other until they either lose their jobs or fall asleep. It’s pretty good, reflected in the fact that it can regularly be seen at the top of Steam charts. It’s developed by Facepunch with console development being handled by Double Eleven, who have previously worked on Minecraft Dungeons and Crackdown 3.

If you’re thinking of starting to play Rust, first of all: are you sure you won’t miss your life? And secondly, here’s where you can find all the keycards as well as how you can rack up some scrap.

Rust is available now for PC.

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