New PS4 Pro Ad Wants To Make You Cry

Dry your eyes, mate. The Last of Us will be out soon.

Norman Reedus Death Stranding

Sony have released a new ad for PlayStation 4 Pro featuring a man causing a disaster through his tears while playing Death Stranding on the console. Never change, Sony.

Release presumably as part of their marketing for the Christmas season, the ad is shot in reverse with a whole city underwater before the sands of time reverse and return to the man’s apartment as Norman Reedus cradles a baby.

If you’re wondering what the song playing is, it’s the same one featured in Shutter Island: Max Richter – On the Nature of Daylight.

This a pretty accurate representation of how I react whenever I try to play a AAA game digitally on the PlayStation 4 Pro, the console massively overheating and turning off. It’s fine when playing on a disc, though it does still get pretty loud. Must remember to track down some thermal paste.

PlayStation have posted the ad on their social media while asking what players’ saddest gaming memory is. The correct answer is the start of The Last of Us, but what’s yours?

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