New Contracts Coming To Hitman This October

Hitman 2016 game

IOI Interactive, the studio behind Hitman ,is bringing us new content on October 24th and I, for one, am so excited. While the studio stipulates that this is not ‘Season 2’, it will hopefully be a few more elusive contracts and some more targets in our starting locations.

The studio website doesn’t really go into much more detail in regards to what we will be getting on October 24th, but the picture they provided us can give us some food for thought.

Aside from Agent 47 looking like he is going to drop the hottest dance album before the Christmas rush, it could be that more about 47’s shady past is being revealed. I think it might be more information on the shadow client and their role in all the contracts undertaken on season 1.

The fiery ball behind the character could symbolise the burning demise of 47 as more of his past is uncovered or it could be the symbol of the shadow client. Either way, it keeps us guessing right up until the release on October 24th.

We will also be getting some additional content on October 13th, which is only a few days away, but who’s counting? We have 10 new featured contracts from the community along with the Master Scarecrow challenge pack for Colorado. We are getting 5 new challenges for Colorado along with a new item for 47 to use throughout the various other locations in the game.

We are also getting 10 player curated Featured Contracts which will arrive later on in October, the difference being that a player will be curating the list. There will be more given to us closer to the time, but they are keeping their cards close to their chest. From what I take from this, we get to see how other players play Hitman and it will give us some twists on how to play the game in some of our favourite locations.

So, it seems like October is a month packed with new features and content for Hitman but one question remains: if we are not getting season 2 this month then when will be getting it?

Granted that episodes 1 through 6 are almost like small Hitman games within themselves and so would have taken a huge amount of effort to develop and design, the last episode was released on October 31st 2016 (excluding bonus material). It’s been almost a year since the last episode was released to the world.

Perhaps IO Interactive are watching how people play the game, which episodes are being played more than others, how people approach their contracts and what they use in the environments around the – I hope that we get something similar to Sapienza and Marrakech. They were the most entertaining of the two locations because you could get lost in them and gave you so many opportunities to eliminate your targets. All of the locations were amazing in their own way and I found that giving us each level in episodic instalments made you go back and work through all the other challenges that the location had to offer.

I cannot wait for October 24th to see what IO Interactive has for us next.

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