Making A Monster In The Division 2’s Character Creator

Does The Division 2's character creator allow you to make some monsters?

The Division 2

Making a Monster is a new series (that I definitely won’t forget about while I am desperately trying to not drown in editing) where I take a look at the character creator system in new games to see just how far I can bend it before it breaks. I am not making art here; quite the opposite. Look upon my creations and recoil.

The Division 2 has a considerably more robust character creator than its predecessor, though really it just had to give slightly more beard styles and it would a significant improvement. There are more finer details to explore than before, but unfortunately it seems impossible to make anything that looks sub-human, though the randomised character feature does a pretty good job of throwing up pit-dwellers.

Here is my “real” character in The Division 2, who I can assure you is the spitting image of me in real life. Check him out, I bet his knees don’t hurt or anything.

The Division 2 character creator

With a basic understanding of how The Division 2 works in terms of customisation, I began working on my beautiful abomination in earnest. The game gives you many preset faces to choose from, but I instead opted to just turn the sliders up to maximum for everything. Sometimes art doesn’t need to be thought about too deeply.

I opted for a robust soul patch and a haircut that looks like it’s actually falling of his head — look at the hairline closely. The obvious option after this was to turn his hair a rusted blue, just to complete the ICP look. I also gave him a neck tattoo. Sure his mom loves it.

The Division 2

The scar was a nice touch, I thought, as was the random face painting that looked like he’d just wandered from a children’s party. But something was off; there was just no edge to him. Then it came to me: only a true monster would wear rimless sunglasses.

The Division 2 character creator

I finished the look off with the clothing, which was sadly a bit too scarce for me to really lean into what I was going for — my monster was born to wear a suit vest. I instead chose to pair something with his hair colour and then really put the bow on top with the jorts: the apparel of most demons.

The Division 2

There’s about to be another plague in Washington.

Doctor Frankensteins out of 10: 3/10
Truthfully, The Division 2 is quite limited in the monstrosities you can make, presumably so as to not break the story immersion if you were to play as Grendel. The best I could do was this Guy Fieri x John Cena x Dragon Ball Super eyesore, but I would have loved a lot more freedom.

Damn, a beanie would have really tied it all together.

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