Mid-Season Fall Guys Update Now Live, Adds Big Yeetus

Big Yeetus is your God now.

Fall Guys

Mediatonic have announced that the mid-season update for Fall Guys is launching today, and among a host of stability fixes and general quality of life updates to the game, along with Epic’s Easy Anti-Cheat software for PC players, it’s also adding a huge hammer in the form of Big Yeetus. Check out the trailer for the new update below.


A post on the PlayStation Blog goes into more details about the update, which is now live on Steam and PS4. In the post, it’s shown that the Gauntlet levels in the game have been remixed. These level variations are random, and can lead to some unpredictable results, whether its the goal on Dizzy Heights being blocked by a wall of watermelons, the final slime hill on Hit Parade adding spinning hammers, or a brand new version of See-Saw. That trailer above had see-saws that went vertical instead of horizontal, and I’m scared.

On top of all that is the inclusion of Big Yeetus, a massive hammer designed to smack people forward at incredible speed. Mediatonic have been speaking in hushed tones regarding the role of Big Yeetus during matches, but we can already see it being used to clinch victory from the jaws of defeat. Will you be playing the new Fall Guys update? Let us know in the comments.

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