Fall Guys Are Introducing A Hammer Called Big Yeetus, And It Is Not Your Friend

Big Yeetus doesn't forgive. Big Yeetus doesn't forget.

Fall Guys
Source: @FallGuysGame on Twitter.

It’s safe to say that Fall Guys is one of, if not the biggest sensation in gaming at the moment, but in order to remain at the top of the mountain, it’s going to have to stay fresh. Season 2 has already been announced, so we know more content is coming, but Mediatonic are looking to shake things up even more. Introducing: Big Yeetus.


Big Yeetus is the vertical spinning hammer that can be seen on levels like Team Tail Tag and so on, except this one packs much more of a punch. They don’t call it Big Yeetus for no reason. It’ll appear randomly in levels as a way of shaking things up, with the example shown in the tweet above skipping an entire section of Dizzy Heights.

After being incredibly well received by the Fall Guys community, with fan art to boot, Mediatonic decided to strike while the iron is hot. They’ve attempted to recruit actor Norman Reedus to provide the voice of Big Yeetus, and today they’ve reached out to the band Wheatus to provide the soundtrack. Personally, I’m looking forward to a version of Fall Guys where a hammer voiced by Daryl Dixon yeets me into first place while Teenage Dirtbag plays in the background. I want to live in that world.


We have no idea when Big Yeetus will arrive in Fall Guys, though I imagine its arrival is similar to that of a wizard. Big Yeetus is never late, nor is it early. It yeets precisely when it means to.

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