Microsoft Flight Simulator Too Involved For You? Try AMC’s Airplane Mode

Releases later this year.

Airplane Mode game
Airplane Mode game

Microsoft Flight Simulator has been almost as big as the world you fly in over the last two weeks. The newest entry in the classic series has had players scratching their heads and hollering with joy in equal measure in their millions, but what if it’s just a bit too much for you?

Well, here comes AMC Games to announce Airplane Mode will be launching this autumn, as well as the fact that speedrunners will have a whole new commercial flight to look forward to. This one takes 2.5-hours instead of 6. Phwoar.

So, what is this, you scream? It’s the experience of modern flying condensed into a game, screaming babies and delays and all. Instead of flying a plane and soaring through the skies while feeling like an affront to God, you just sit on a commercial flight for hours at a time.

Featuring voiceover from Bennett Foddy (because of course it does), Airplane Mode is all about just sitting there, existing, and trying not to lose your mind.

Here’s what you have to look forward to:

– Grab a window seat, and stare in silence at the slowly passing clouds as you try to make time go faster through sheer force of will.

– Experience a more realistic depiction of how people really fly than even the most ambitious AAA flight simulations launching in 2020. For example, players can enjoy the myriad delights of their carry-on luggage, including a book, and a pen. And headphones!

– No learning curve! Players can pick up and play without the need for extensive tutorials, instructions, or — strictly speaking — consciousness.

– Other flight simulators give you high-definition cockpits with a billion switches and dials, but Airplane Mode is the only one that offers a realistically rendered seatback trays.

– Enjoy an inflight safety video from AMC Games’ “slightly off” network sibling IFC.

Airplane Mode is a spiritual successor to Penn and Teller’s cult hit Desert Bus, which saw you just very slowly and painfully driving through the desert.

Looks like there will be a new king of the skies soon.

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