10 Meet Your Maker Beginner’s Tips To Become The Best Raider

Like Lara Croft, but better.

Meet Your Maker
Meet Your Maker

Meet Your Maker is Behaviour Interactive’s latest attempt to corner the market on atypical multiplayer experiences, with players heading online to raid each other’s created outposts. As a raider, you’ll need to keep your head on a swivel in order to survive and escape with the genetic material your Chimera desperately needs. With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few beginner’s tips to help make raiding in Meet Your Maker just that little bit easier.


1. One Hit Means Death

The golden rule to remember when you’re raiding is that one hit means death. Any hit from a lethal trap or enemy will result in you dying, so you need to exercise caution over treating every room of an outpost like it’s DOOM Eternal. For the most part though, it’s also one hit to destroy traps and guards, though some guards can be outfitted with upper body armour-plating, allowing them to soak up an additional hit. Either way, death can come pretty swiftly for you as the raider, so be sure to keep a close eye on your surroundings and threat indicators while playing.


2. Follow The Harvester If You’re Unsure

While builders don’t have to test their outposts before uploading them for other people to complete, they do need to ensure a clear path from the start to the genetic material raiders are looking to steal. Throughout your raid attempt, a Harvester will walk along this path, which can be a lifesaver as certain outposts are built like labyrinths. If you find yourself lost or unsure of which path to take, wait for a Harvester to appear and follow it. It’ll either take you to the Genetic Material, or back to the start of the outpost, which will let you get your bearings for another attempt.

If in doubt, just follow the Harvester.


3. Destroy Traps Always

A key tool that builders will use in Meet Your Maker to thwart any would-be raiders is traps, which come in several flavours. They could be impalers, bomb launchers, sentry-like turrets that shoot energy at raiders or several other trap types. A lot of traps, like Boltshots and others, can only trigger once or twice, depending on mods, but even if you know a trap is inactive, you should still destroy it. The XP, parts and Synthite you receive from destroying an outpost’s traps makes it worth blowing up everything you see.


4. Cautiously Retrieve Your Ammo

Because Meet Your Maker takes place in an apocalyptic hellscape, you won’t be storming outposts using assault rifles and other traditional weapons, as the game comes with its own arsenal of ranged and melee weapons. While melee weapons can be used indefinitely, ranged weapons fire bolts that need to be picked up again, so be careful when going for long range snipes on traps and guards. In retrieving your ammo from destroying one trap, you may just end up triggering seven more.


5. Forsaken Tombs

If you can hear a loud whirring noise when you’re exploring an outpost, keep an eye out for a glowing T in the wall or floor. These are Forsaken Tombs, which offer massive rewards in the form of XP, parts and Synthite when destroyed. While not every outpost will have a Forsaken Tomb on its immediate path, they’re worth seeking out if you do find one. Just be careful, as some clever builders will hide their most devious traps there.


6. Check Your Blind Spots

With the way builders have to construct their outposts around the already established bedrock, along with the cubic shapes required to build, outposts will naturally have lots of blindspots that builders will look to exploit. Whenever you’re entering a new room, climbing or descending some stairs or even jumping down a hole, be wary of any potential blindspots above, below or behind you. Traps work best when they manage to catch you off-guard, and the best way of doing that is placing one where you can hardly see it.


7. Use Lean To Your Advantage

Fortunately, Behaviour Interactive have given raiders a handy tool to check blind spots a little bit better: leaning. By holding down either L3 or R3, you’ll lean to the left or right respectively, allowing you to peek around corners to see what could be lying in wait for you on the other side. Combine this with your primary weapon, or your hardware, which includes equipment like grenades, and you can safely disable some of the more deviously placed traps without putting yourself in too much danger.


8. Use Your Grapple Hook Carefully

Meet Your Maker knew raiders would need some kind of “get out of danger quick” mobility option when tackling outposts, with the grapple hook acting as a great way to cover long distances quickly. However, the grapple hook can often put you into even more danger, due to enemy placements and some fiendishly hidden traps. The grapple hook is perfect in situations where you can easily make a break for outside through a gap in the outpost, or to avoid shots from guards, but be careful you’re not going out of the frying pan, into the fire.


9. Be Wary Of Return Journeys

The biggest tip to keep in mind when playing Meet Your Maker is that making your way back through an outpost after you’ve nabbed the GenMat can be just as dangerous. There’s a mod which causes certain traps to spawn once the GenMat has been taken, meaning areas that were once cleared and deemed safe can be just as deadly once again. Return journeys are what’s going to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to Meet Your Maker, and rushing to exit is only going to lead to you being humbled.


10. Take Things Slow/Remain Calm

Again, death comes quickly (and often) in Meet Your Maker, and because you’re allowed infinite retries of an outpost, you may find yourself getting frustrated, making mistakes earlier in a run because you want to reach the part you’re stuck on. The important thing to remember is to stay calm, and to keep taking things slow. Rushing into an outpost will only lead to ruin, even if you’ve already attempted it a few times already. Slow and steady will always win the race.

Meet Your Maker is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X & S.

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