Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite Fails, No One Is Surprised

In an absolutely shocking turn of events, Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite, the crossover fighting game that replaced beloved Marvel characters like the X-Men with characters that almost no one knew, while also lowering the overall amount of characters, has sold only a million copies, half as many copies as Capcom projected since it launched in September.

The game was home to many fatal errors, such as a collector’s edition that had very low quality, a roster of characters that neither Marvel nor Capcom fans cared about, as well as not piquing the interest of fighting game fans. It even made our list of the 12 Most Disappointing Games of 2017.

There hasn’t been any news about new DLC characters, any patches, and the online community never really had a point where you could say it was “thriving”.

On a lighter note, Resident Evil 7 did very well, according to the company’s press release, selling 4.8 million copies in total, being one of the companies highlights of the year.

If you were one of the poor souls that threw away their money for this game, we might be able to console you with the free games you can get this month with PlayStation Plus. If you didn’t buy it and all is well, you’ll have some money to spend, so you might want to check out the new Rockstar Games Humble Bundle.

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