Margot Robbie Might Be Involved In Tarantino’s Manson Family Movie

Margot Robbie

In case you missed the news, esteemed foot-lover Quentin Tarantino is working on a drama inspired by the murderous Manson family. The only surprise here is that Tarantino didn’t do it much sooner; it seems like a project that would flounder in the hands of almost any other director.

Apart from the news itself, we don’t have anything else concrete to go off, but we do have some tidbits courtesy of Deadline to mull over. From the looks of it, Tarantino is getting some of the old gang back together and bringing in some new talent to his own bloody-minded cinematic family.

First up, and probably the most intriguing of the details revealed so far, is that Margot Robbie met with Tarantino for a role. Not just any role, however: she might be playing Sharon Tate, Roman Polanski’s wife and most famous victim of the Manson family.

Elsewhere, Brad Pitt is being lined up to be lead detective in charge of the Manson investigation and Samuel L. Jackson is also suggested to have a big part to play. Add Jennifer Lawrence to the mix and you’re looking at one hell of a movie to keep an eye on.

Although Tarantino’s unlikely to ditch his trademark style, a movie akin to Zodiac is something we can all agree on as being fundamentally necessary to the enjoyment of our lives. We’ll bring you any more information once we get it.

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