Here Are the Mad Max: Fury Road Deleted Scenes

Fury Road deleted scenes

Without doubt, Mad Max: Fury Road has been one of the best surprises in the world of cinema in 2015. Having watched it for a second time the other night, there’s no doubting that George Miller’s gritty continuation of the series isn’t every bit as good as first thought when there’s slightly less adrenaline in your system.

With its release on Blu-Ray, we have been treated to a trio of deleted scenes from the early contender for Film of the Year, all of which you can find below.

Scene 1
Probably the most excusable scene to be absent from the finished picture, there really isn’t a great deal to this one. Max and co. gaze off into the distance before their climactic final battle across the desert before driving off – this would have broken up the pacing unnecessarily if left in.

Scene 2
This scene could have easily slipped into the final film, if only to show more of the culture at the Citadel. A young mother begs for her child to be allowed on the lift to the luxury areas of the Citadel but is denied by the staunch. After flopping her boob out, he quickly sees the error of his ways and allows her up, sans baby.

Scene 3
Now this one should have definitely, albeit with a few trimmings here and there as it could well have sucked the momentum out of the final product somewhat. Immortan Joe delivers a rallying call to his soldiers as the beleaguered Miss Giddy looks on. Once they set off to hunt down the wives, the scene then transitions to the corpse of Angharad and Miss Giddy being attacked by crows, which would have answered the question of what the hell happened to her after disappearing off-screen.

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