‘Lost’ Méliès Film Discovered in Czech Film Archive

Trip to the moon
Source: bfi.org

The pioneer of silent film, Georges Méliès, was responsible for the production of hundreds of films, 80% of which were destroyed or simply deteriorated over the years. However, researchers at the Czech national film archives have found a mislabelled film from 1904 which can now be added to the surviving works of Méliès.

The film Match de Prestidigitation (conjuring contest) is a two-minute long silent film which shows a magician who divides into two men and then take turns in performing magic tricks. Until now it was believed to have been lost along with most of his other work.

The reel was donated anonymously and was mislabelled with the title ‘Les Transmutations Imperceptibles’ which is another work by Méliès. The Czech archives have now amassed 22 of Méliès films and plans to restore the new found film are already in motion.

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