Rad Cyberpunk Action Roguelite Loopmancer Launches This July


Fans of Hard Reset and Ghostrunner will be pleased to hear that Loopmancer, an upcoming cyberpunk action roguelite set in 2046, will launch on July 13th, 2022 for PC on Steam and EGS.

Check out the trailer above, and the Loopmancer synopsis below:

“In LOOPMANCER, private eye Xiang Zixu is murdered while investigating the vanishing of a famous journalist. As Xiang awakens in his bed on the morning of his death, he discovers time resets every time he bites the dust. Kill, die, and enact revenge in an oppressive Far East cyberpunk world to uncover the connections between your case, your murder and your limitless resurrection. Do you have what it takes to become a LOOPMANCER?”

Developed and published by eBrain Studio, players can also get a demo for Loopmancer on Steam right now as part of Next Fest. In the demo, players will take on Wei Long and unlock rewards, as well as a host of updates from the previous demo.

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