Listen to Mick Gordon’s Prey Soundtrack Right Now

Prey Talos 1
Source: Gamers Annex

He’d been making the rounds as one of the most respected video game composers for many years, but last year saw Mick Gordon’s star rise in a big way with the release of DOOM. Rip and Tear is gym music for just about any gamer who wants to work on their quads.

After such a successful partnership before, he’s back with Bethesda to work on Prey, the upcoming reboot many people are calling Bioshock in space. We got our hands on the demo, though you couldn’t say we were exactly charmed by everything that was on offer.

Ahead of Prey’s release on May 5th, the full Prey soundtrack from Mick Gordon has been made available on Spotify. There’s nothing quite as heavy-hitting as DOOM here, but it all suits the themes of the game. It’s sci-fi as heck.

Ben Crossbones and Matt Piersall also feature on Prey’s soundtrack. Raphael Colantonio, who is president of Arkane, makes an appearance, too.

You excited for Prey? Let me know. I think it may be a wait-until-it’s-on-sale deal for me.

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