Kamisama Kiss: Season 3 – What You Should Know

Kamisama Kiss
Kamisama Kiss

Tales of gods posing as humans to test other humans are pretty common. In Kamisama Kiss, people who pass their tests get some special power or item that’ll help them along the way. With Nanami Momozono, she gets a new home and a new job. The only issue is that her new home is a shrine, and her new job is to become that shrine’s resident god. Nanami must learn to manage her new life while she develops feelings for her new familiar, Tomoe.

It’s been years, 8 to be exact, since Season 2 of Kamisama Kiss ended. So where in Mikage’s name is Kamisama Kiss: Season 3? Here’s what you should know about Kamisama Kiss: Season 3.

Many anime fans that grew up with Ouran High School Host Club, Special A, and Kaichou wa Maid-sama!, moved on to Kamisama Kiss. These types of old-school anime rom-coms just don’t tend to last very long. Is Kamisama Kiss destined to have the same fate?


When Is Kamisama Kiss: Season 3 Being Released?

Unfortunately, there is no news of an upcoming Kamisama Kiss: Season 3. Even worse, it’s unlikely to ever happen at all. Although Seasons 1 and 2 don’t finish the manga’s plot, the two OVAs do skip to almost the end.

Although Season 3 is unlikely, it’s not impossible. Since the OVAs skipped practically half of the manga, a potential Kamisama Kiss: Season 3 could cover the skipped chapters.

Something like this isn’t unheard of either. Horimiya was in the same situation where the anime already technically completed the manga, with some skipped chapters in the middle. Then, they released Horimiya: The Missing Pieces, which covers those skipped chapters.


What Could Kamisama Kiss: Season 3 Be About?

As mentioned above, Kamisama Kiss: Season 3 could cover the manga chapters that were skipped by the OVAs. The end of Season 2 landed at Chapter 64 of the manga.

If you’re interested in Himemiko of the Swamp and Kotaro’s budding relationship, then you’re in luck. The following Volume of the manga will focus on exactly that. Himemiko was already warned that yokai/human relationships are forbidden, and now the consequences have come. Divine forces will now try to tear them apart. As if that isn’t enough, Kotaro still has no idea that Himemiko is even a yokai.

Another option would be to go over the few chapters left after the end of the OVAs. This would be from Chapter 100 onwards. It covers the end of the story where Nanami and Tomoe live a happy life together. Tomoe is now a human, and Nanami is once again living a normal life.


Which Studio Could Make Kamisama Kiss: Season 3?

Since there are currently no plans for Kamisama Kiss: Season 3, it’s really anyone’s guess as to who could make it. If you loved the quality of the first seasons, then it’d be nice if the companies that worked on those returned. TV Tokyo, Dentsu, Sotsu, Pony Canyon, Hakusensha, and DAX Production all co-produced Season 1. Only Dentsu and Sotsu remained for Season 2 though.

As for the animation, TMS Entertainment took care of everything for both seasons and the OVAs.


Where to Watch Kamisama Kiss

Both seasons of Kamisama Kiss are currently available on Crunchyroll and Hulu. If the show is region locked in your area, you can use a VPN. Switch your IP address to another region and reload the streaming service page to bypass region blocking. Kamisama Kiss is available on Crunchyroll in America, so switch your IP to that region if you can.

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