A Way Out’s Josef Fares Is The Hero The Game Awards Needed

Josef Fares

In-between all of the promotional plugging of eBay, extremely vague new game reveals, and Geoff Keighley desperately trying to keep on schedule, one man rose above it all to tell us that we should fuck the Oscars.

Josef Fares, the director of EA and Hazelight’s upcoming co-op game A Way Out, took to the stage before a new trailer was revealed and, well, he let loose.

Immediately referencing EA’s strife with loot crates, Fares was just warming up. He bigged up The Game Awards to the feigned delight of Keigheley by repeatedly exclaiming “fuck the Oscars” and continued on, vehemently telling people that they needed to play his game, until he was eventually cut off by a clearly annoyed Keighley.

Fares blamed jetlag, but I think he just has a massive personality that is utterly irrepressible in a public setting. Some people think he was drunk, but no, that’s just Josef.

Here are some of the best Twitter reactions:




And an interesting tidbit about Fares:

Looks like EA was right.

As for the game itself, it was revealed that if you want to play A Way Out with a friend, only one of you needs a copy of the game, which is damn cool. Check out the new trailer below.

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