Joaquin Phoenix Wanted End Credits Footage For Joker

"I used to think my life was a tragedy, but now I realise it's a comedy."

During an interview with GamesRader+, director of Joker Todd Philips mentioned that Joaquin Phoenix suggested a bloopers reel for the end of the movie. Phoenix thought it would be funny, and of course offer much juxtaposition to the film, which was dark and gritty.

If you watched the movie, you would know that this never came to be, which was probably for the best, considering how tonally different it would come across. This reasoning extended into the lack of a post credits scene as well. Even though it has become standard fare for comic book movies to include a post credits scene (or scenes), ultimately, Philips felt that including one “would seem wrong, and a little too light for [him]”. I wish I had known this before I waited around after the movie.

This decision certainly hasn’t affected Joker’s performance at the box office, with the movie nabbing $96 million in the domestic box office during its opening weekend, beating out Venom to claim the biggest opening for a film in October. Joaquin Phoenix even enjoyed himself so much on the project that he wouldn’t mind a sequel.

In an interview with Peter Travers, Phoenix says that he “can’t stop thinking about it” and that “it ended up being a dream role”. While Philips has firmly maintained that there wouldn’t be a sequel, the way the movie ends definitely leaves room for more exploration and an expansion of the world. Considering the movie’s success, Philips might reconsider his decision, and we’ll keep you posted if that happens.

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