Jet Kave Adventure Is A Game About A Caveman Fighting Aliens, And It Looks Crazy

This might be the first caveman videogame to feature jetpacks.

If you find yourself wanting to experience an adventure in the Stone Age, you might be interested in the upcoming Switch platformed Jet Kave Adventure, which will be released later this year.

Nintendo Life revealed an eight minute gameplay trailer which came straight from Castle of Heart developer 7Levels, and it looks like it could be the most enjoyable caveman-themed video game since Far Cry Primal. Seeing as it was specifically developed for the Switch, it seems unlikely that Jet Kave Adventure will be heading to other systems, but either way, you can enjoy the gameplay footage below.

Clearly inspired by the Donkey Kong platformers, Jet Kave Adventure looks like a bright and colorful 2.D adventure across a highly stylized Stone Age environment. Although I’m pretty sure they didn’t have jetpacks in the Stone Age, but historical accuracy is clearly not what they’re going for. 7Levels have also promised the story will involve aliens, so yeah, this is clearly a fantasized version of ancient history.

The game will feature thirty-six levels and thirty types of enemies, ranging from everything from Pterodactyls to what look like giant floating boxing gloves. You’ll play as a lone caveman originally named Kave, who was banished from his tribe and must fight to restore his honor. And in addition to the story, Jet Kave Adventure will also feature a number of special challenge modes, including collectibles and no damage challenges, so it sounds like players will be spending a long time in the Stone Age when it releases later this year.

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