If Jar Jar Binks Was the Star of Rogue One

Jar Jar Binks

Listen, right. Jar Jar Binks isn’t that bad. Yes, he’s bad, but not so bad that he signifies everything wrong with a trilogy of movies that have far bigger problems than a silly-eared comic relief character. So why don’t we see more of him?

Let’s all give peace a chance and welcome Jar Jar back into the Star Wars family, starting with Rogue One. It’s not as if there are many familiar characters for series fans to latch onto, so bring him back, ideally superimposed on the body of Jyn Erso because why not. If George Lucas can introduce a weird song and dance routine into a later cut of Return of the Jedi, Jar Jar can become the new hero of the saga.

If you want to know what that would be like, take a look at this haunting, beautiful video from talented YouTuber murdockmotion. You won’t regret a second of it.

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