January 2022’s PlayStation Plus Games Available Today

Deep Rock Galactic
Deep Rock Galactic

It’s a new year, and what better way to start it off than by playing some new games via PlayStation Plus on PS4 and PS5? Sure beats starting a diet that you know you’ll never see through; sandwiches are too good.

The headlining act for January 2022 is probably Deep Rock Galactic as the game will be launching day and date on PS4 and PS5 as part of the service. A widely beloved looter shooter game that’s previously been on PC and Xbox, Deep Rock Galactic pits you as some rather violent dwarves who venture through procedurally generated caverns. Will no doubt be a smash hit.

Away from the shooting and mining, Persona 5 Strikers for PS4 is a Persona spin-off that came out just last year to quite a lot of acclaim. Taking the characters and story of Persona and placing them into a Dynasty Warriors game doesn’t make sense on paper, but it’s a surprising joy. We picked it as one of the best games of 2021, so now’s your chance to find out if we know what we’re on about. Spoiler: some of the time, yes.

Lastly, Dirt 5 is likely the least appealing game of the month, though those looking for a blend of arcade and sim racing should find plenty to love here. A PS5 launch game that’s also available on PS4, PlayStation Plus subscribers will no doubt find some good vrooms here. That’s how all racing games should be measured: in vrooms. How many would Dirt 5 get? 5 or 6 vrooms, give or take.

January 2022’s PlayStation Plus games will be available until February 1st, the first Tuesday of the month.

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