Inscryption: Cabin Safe Puzzle Guide

Safe as houses. Or cabins.

Inscryption Safe Puzzle Guide
Inscryption Safe Puzzle Guide

In Inscryption, players will find themselves trapped in an old cabin littered with secrets, puzzles, and objects that can help the player discover the mystery of their captivity. The safe will be one of the first few puzzles players will encounter. We put together a handy solution guide that will help the players get over this hurdle.

Here’s how you can open the safe in the cabin in Inscryption.


Inscryption Safe Solution

When the cabin opens up to player exploration, to find the safe, players will need to move directly to the right of the playing table. The safe stands on a cupboard, flanked by the portrait puzzle on its right and a collection of miniatures to its left.

To unlock the safe, players will need to find a secret code, which can be found on the Mighty Leap entry of the rulebook. The code should be 273. If a code isn’t displayed on the entry you will need to entertain the mysterious captor until you progress further.

Once the code is revealed, turn the dials until all the numbers are aligned with the notches on the safe, starting with the top, which corresponds to the first number in the code. Open the safe and collect the reward.


Inscryption Safe Reward

Safe Puzzle Guide - Reward
Safe Puzzle Guide – Reward

Once the player has opened the safe, in it they find a talking card they can add to their deck – the Stinkbug. Players will also find a key, which will unlock the chest for additional puzzles.

The safe is but the first of a few simple puzzles that will help players on their path. As the game progresses some of the puzzles will get more elaborate and multi-stage. This should serve as a good introduction (and warning) to expect unexpected solutions and rewards to further puzzles.

Inscryption is available on PC.

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