Impact Wrestling’s Crazzy Steve Makes Jump to WWE

Dave Meltzer has confirmed that the Impact Wrestling star has been approached by WWE and that an agreement has been reached.

After somewhat of a slow news weekend in the wrestling world, it has recently been speculated that Impact Wrestling star, Crazzy Steve is making his way to WWE.

The former TNA Tag Team Champion announced via Twitter that the end was nigh, thanking all those associated with Impact Wrestling for his tenure. Steve debuted in 2014 as part of The Menagerie – a stable of circus freaks turned Pro Wrestlers – who failed to meet much in the way of success. Crazzy Steve was the most eccentric of the bunch and broke away from the tandem to forge his own career as a singles star. Although his gimmick held him back from being taken seriously as a main event talent, he did find a niche alongside TNA veteran Abyss and newcomer Rosemary, forming the tag team known as Decay.

Their feuds with The Wolves and The Broken Hardy’s put the TNA Tag division back on the map, bringing in fans of the more hardcore aspects of Wrestling through Monsters Ball matches and other such brutal shenanigans. Crazzy Steve, being the daredevil of the group, certainly has a lot to bring to the WWE.

Dave Meltzer has since confirmed that Steve has been contacted by WWE and has accepted an offer. Whether this means Steve will be sent to NXT under his current gimmick or repackaged for a new audience, is yet to be determined. I for one am looking forward to seeing the former tag champion bring his unhinged style of wrestling to the WWE ring.


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