How To Change PS5 Audio Outputs

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Pulse PS5
Pulse PS5
NamePlayStation 5
Release DateNovember 12th, 2020 / November 19th, 2020
Price£449, $499, €499 (disc) / £359, $399, €399 (digital)
Backwards CompatPS4

The PlayStation 5 features a new 3D audio engine called Tempest, which will radically change the way in-game sound is experienced. Sony’s Tempest 3D AudioTech will put gamers in the centre of incredibly immersive soundscapes where they will hear sound from every direction. So, instead of hearing a vague sound of footsteps, you will know exactly where your enemies are coming from.

The object-based spatial sound will be accompanied by unprecedented sound fidelity, which will even allow you to hear individual raindrops, with different sounds for different surfaces. 3D Audio, together with the DualSense controller, creates a truly immersive experience. Here is how you can change the audio output on your PS5 to make use of 3D audio and more.


How To Change Audio Outputs On PS5

– Start your PlayStation 5 and navigate to ‘Settings’ (the gear icon on the top right bar).
– Scroll down to ‘Sound’ and choose ‘Audio Output’.
– Select ‘Output Device’ and choose the device you wish to use.


Configuring 3D Audio On PS5

– Scroll down in ‘Audio Output’ to configure your 3D Audio settings.
– Make sure that the ‘Enable 3D Audio’ option is turned on.
– Click on ‘Adjust 3D Audio Profile’. This option allows you to find the 3D audio profile that best suits your ear level.

Sony’s PULSE 3D wireless headset is fine-tuned for 3D audio, but the company has clarified that you will be able to experience 3D audio even with headphones that you already own. They are also working on virtual surround sound for TV speakers, although this feature will not be available on launch day.


The Future of 3D Audio On PS5

Back in March, Mark Cerny revealed how Tempest 3D AudioTech uses Head-Related Transfer Function (HRTF), which deciphers how sound is received by taking into account the shape of an individual’s head and ear. PS5 will have five HRTF profiles, and players can choose the one that fits them. Moreover, Sony is going to create more personalized HRTF profiles in the future:

“Maybe you’ll be sending us a video of your ears and your head, and we’ll make a 3D model of them and synthesise the HRTF…Maybe you’ll play an audio game to tune your HRTF, we’ll be subtly changing it as you play, and home in on the HRTF that gives you the highest score”

Mark Cerny

It is not clear how well 3D audio will work on all standard headphones or on speakers, although Sony seems committed to providing the best experience for all players. Tempest 3D AudioTech is truly game-changing and we are excited to see how developers will utilise it.

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