How Long Is The Dark Pictures: Little Hope?

A little or a lot?

Little Hope game
Little Hope game
DeveloperSupermassive Games
PublisherBandai Namco
Platform(s)PC, PS4, Xbox One
Release DateOctober 30th, 2020

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope is the second entry in the The Dark Pictures Anthology developed by Supermassive Games and published by Bandai Namco. Taking place in a ghost town of the same name, Little Hope is a taut horror with more twists and turns than a roundabout. But how long does it take to beat The Dark Pictures: Little Hope?


The Dark Pictures: Little Hope Length

Little Hope review
Little Hope review

Most players can expect to beat The Dark Pictures: Little Hope in 4 hours, which is a similar amount of time to Man of Medan, the previous Dark Pictures entry.

However, what’s important to note here is that Little Hope features many different choices, meaning that there’s a lot of replayability if you want to find out how exactly to kill off Angela. You can do so by choosing scene select from the main menu once the credits roll for the first time, or by starting a brand new game.

There’s also a lot of collectibles to discover and secrets to find, giving plenty of extra playtime to completionists. When we beat the story for the first time, we only had six out of 30 achievements on Steam.

Finally, if you’re worried that The Dark Pictures: Little Hope is a little on the short side, bear in mind that it’s half the price of most other AAA games.

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope is available October 30th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. It will also be available for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S via backwards compatibility.

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