How Can WWE Resurrect Seth Rollins?

If this is the greater good then I'd hate to see what bad looks like.

Seth Rollins
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Seth Rollins has had a pretty rough fall from grace throughout 2020. Remaining one of the most featured heels on the RAW roster, Seth Rollins has competed in some marquee mid-card feuds against the likes of Kevin Owens and the Mysterio family, yet hasn’t really achieved much in the way of success under his new ‘Messiah’ gimmick. Once the guy that made history at WrestleMania 31 by cashing-in Money in the Bank during the main event, Rollins has become more of a footnote in today’s wrestling landscape, something which is a far cry from the status he held less than 2 years ago.

‘The Friday Night Messiah’ is currently taking a break from providing the WWE Universe with regular sermons on ‘the greater good’, but once he returns from taking care of his and Becky Lynch’s newborn, WWE have a lot of work to do in order to resurrect Seth Rollins as a main event star. Our lasting image of Seth is him literally falling to his knees in front of ‘The Fella’, taking a massive Brogue Kick to the chops all in the name of martyrdom. Personally, I’m not entirely sure what Seth’s end-goal is here. If anything, it’s made the character look more comical than threatening.

Originally, WWE fans suspected that Seth might enter into a headlining feud with a returning Daniel Bryan, or even step up to his former brethren, Roman Reigns. Instead, we’ve been getting a rehashed continuation of the Rollins/Mysterio saga that now includes Buddy Murphy. Not that the matches between Rollins and his former Disciple haven’t been exciting, for what it’s worth I think they’ve been some of Murphy’s better performances as of late, but they’re just not quite the calibre we expect to see from a star like Seth Rollins.

So how exactly can WWE save the ‘Messiah’ upon his return? With his stock plummeting before our very eyes, there needs to be some pretty drastic changes if they want to carry on with this faith-fuelled gimmick.

Personally, I’d do away with the character entirely. Let’s face it, in the modern age, it’s very hard to get a Jesus-like gimmick over, unless you’re Pastor William Eaver of course. Fans just aren’t buying it, and the whole heel shtick is a little too hammy for it to be effective outside of the younger age range. The WWE Universe fell in love with hating the entitled, young upstart with sleek black and gold hair, why can’t we see a return of what Rollins does best? I wouldn’t want to see him not be a heel upon his return, but Seth has proven that he can excel at being a slimy piece of trash without the need of any corny 90s gimmicks.

However, after having so much time and effort put into getting the ‘Messiah’ gimmick over, it wouldn’t shock me if WWE continue to run with it whenever Seth wraps up his paternity leave. With that in mind, Seth needs a pretty high-profile opponent to finally give us a reason to listen and care about this mysterious greater good.

Perhaps the anticipated feud with Daniel Bryan could be a great way to kickstart Rollins’ ascension. Bryan may fall into that category of credible mid-carders that Rollins has been feuding with for the past year, but it’s a match that has exceeded expectations in the past and would inevitably do the same again if it were on a big pay-per-view event like WrestleMania. Bryan seems to be in the process of re-vamping himself before potentially tying up his career, what better way to see out his last chapter than with a cracking wrestling match against another formidable talent.

Rollins could also set his sights on championship gold, something that he hasn’t done since May of last year, when he faced Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship at Money in the Bank. It’s a shame, because that was probably the time when I most cared about Rollins’ new character, it seemed to gel pretty nicely in main event competition, as we saw Rollins as a threat to McIntyre’s reign. Now he’s a joke. Put him back in the ring with champions and watch how his stock begins to rise. I’m sure nobody would bat an eye to another Intercontinental/United States Championship reign.

There is of course the singles feud with Roman Reigns to contemplate, but if Seth was to return a heel, the dynamic between them just wouldn’t work. Reigns is hitting on all cylinders right now with his ‘Tribal Chief’ gimmick, it might belittle him slightly if he were to be exchanging words with a guy who thinks he’s the third coming. Save that for when either of them happen to drift back into babyface territory again.

Regardless of how WWE choose to tackle this issue, something big needs to be done to save face. Seth Rollins is a dying star, one they can’t afford to let fall into obscurity.

How would you resurrect Seth Rollins? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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