Hitman Episodes Delayed? Agent 47 Never Misses His Target

Hitman 2016 game

Ahhh, Hitman. Such a wonderful franchise full of murderous intent. Killing people has never been a finer art than this. Paying contracts in cold hearted bloody money, but the latest entry in the Hitman series hasn’t quite hit the target for me.

After months of hype, highly detailed trailers showing off a new look for Agent 47, as new as a bald headed character can look that is, sees us go through his strict training regime. A regime consisting of a cardboard cutout Yacht and bland NPC’s posing as actors in place of security guards, sailors, guests etc. a setting so complex for a game it feels like Inception, a game within a game.

But the whole training sequence just didn’t settle with me right. We are a highly trained assassin, can we not skip the tedious ‘training’ 47 underwent. So I pretended to kill my targets and a couple of cardboard cutouts later I was in Paris.

This was no fake Paris though, not a single piece of cardboard could be found. The NPCs were no longer actors either. But REAL guards, REAL makeup artists, REAL guests dressed exquisitely in fine gowns as well as sharp looking suits. It felt all a little 007. Do not get me wrong I loved this, Agent 47 got a classy makeover finally; especially in the way I conducted my contract!

Yet in the end, without spoiling the experience, I was left a little sad. Yes Hitman feels more akin to Blood Money which to me is the greatest in the series. You can’t that M4 in your jacket. GOOD!

That’s how a Hitman should be, forced to think things through, but the only real issue that came with playing Hitman was there’s just not a lot there. I know it’s episodic, but that’s the worst part – it’s not always going to be on time.

Hitman is great, but I’ve not played the damn game for weeks now. It’s tough for me to return to it every month if Square Enix just suddenly decide: “hey let’s release the rest of the game today.” That’s a real let down in my books. New content was meant to drop 22nd March, however it has since been delayed and is still awaiting launch.

Hitman needs to be on point. Not only did the game suffer some setbacks on PC – options wise – graphical issues as well as technical issues have burdened it slightly and jaded my appeal of the game overall.

Hitman is a solid title; a great game at its core. I’ve loved playing the near impossible contracts people have set, yet the potential setbacks Square Enix has revealed across social media to fans doesn’t hold true to the franchise’s past successes.

After a nervous start, Hitman has since steadied the ship with numerous patches on PC & console. But if the delays are to be believed then I think it would be an awful blow to such an awesome game franchise. I’d hold off on the season pass for Hitman, he has a lack of targets.

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