Hereditary: 2018’s Scariest Horror Film Finally Receives A Trailer

Hereditary Trailer A24

In the past week, 2018’s annual Sundance Film Festival came to a close. Among the host of amazing films shown, one stood out as a potential modern classic to keep an eye on, especially for horror fans: Hereditary. The released synopsis for the movie was brief, but gave just enough tantalising detail to snare interest:

The Graham family starts to unravel following the death of their reclusive grandmother. Even after she’s gone, the matriarch still casts a dark shadow over the family, especially her loner teenage granddaughter, Charlie, whom she always had an unusual fascination with. As an overwhelming terror takes over their household, their peaceful existence is ripped apart, forcing their mother to explore a darker realm in order to escape the unfortunate fate they’ve inherited.

A24 have released a host of amazing movies over the past few years, and so their name being attached to the project makes it all the more exciting. Let’s not forget the likes of It Comes at Night and The Killing of a Sacred Deer – two films at varying ends of the horror spectrum, but equally commendable in their execution (sometimes a little more literally than you’d hope).

Hereditary Trailer A24So what’s actually in the trailer to get excited about? Well, it opens with an eerily accurate diorama of the Graham Family’s house, accompanied by some chilling strings that really set the tone. Does the house represent the internal, domestic horrors of family? Is it just a spooky house? Who knows!

There’s some scarily horror-infused imagery throughout the two-minute trailer that I won’t fully go in to, but it looks suitably terrifying. Put simply: this is one to keep you eyes peeled for. The description of the trailer teases a June 8th release date, but this could just be for the US. Regardless; get excited.

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