Helldivers 2: How to Earn Super Credits

Helldivers 2
Helldivers 2 super credits

Super Credits are the microtransaction currency of Helldivers 2, meaning they can be purchased with real money. Fortunately, Arrowhead Game Studios has implemented a couple of ways to earn Super Credits for free, in exchange for a little grinding.

There is a Super Store that sells items in exchange for Super Credits, which rotates its stock every 48 hours. If you’re a cosmetic chaser or fancy an item that will give your bug-hunting experience some style, then here are all the ways you can earn Super Credits without spending a dime.


Can you Find Super Credits in Warbonds?

Helldivers Super Credits
Helldivers Super Credits

An easy method to start with is by purchasing 100 Super Credits with medals in the available Warbonds (Helldivers 2 version of a battlepass). The two that are currently available are the free Helldivers Mobilise and the paid-for Steel Veterans Premium Warbond. There’s a Super Credit pack in each tier that can be exchanged for medals, starting at 1 medal and increasing in price for each tier. You can only unlock each Super Credit pack once until the next Warbond rolls around.

As far as the Steel Veterans Premium Warbond goes, this isn’t a reliable farming method, as you’ll need to purchase it with 1000 Super Credits, only to get a few hundred in return. It’s only a little boost for anyone who’s already unlocked the premium tier, either with the Super Citizen Edition or by forking out your hard-earned Super Credits.


Can you Find Super Credits in Missions?

Helldivers Super Credits 1
Helldivers Super Credits

A more consistent method is to approach points of interest that are scattered throughout missions in Helldivers 2. In certain parts of the level, there will be these steel crates scattered around the map. Interact with it to open them, and inside could be a small number of Super Credits. Each point of interest could provide you with different rewards, such as weapons, ammo, medals, and, of course, Super Credits.

You can find these by opening the mini-map and searching for the little diamond icons. Not all of them will have the Super Credits you’re looking for, but if you search enough, you should find them consistently throughout your playthrough. They tend to be off the beaten path, so exploring points of interest towards the main objective is key to finding Super Credits.

Helldivers 2 is available now on PC and PS5.

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