Haikyuu!! Final: Movie – Everything You Should Know


It’s been an exceptionally long wait for Haikyuu!! fans who were expecting an announcement for the fifth season. Confusingly, the official Twitter account of the franchise revealed that instead of a new anime season, there is a two-part film in production titled Haikyuu!! Final.

Haruichi Furudate’s coming-of-age Volleyball manga Haikyuu!! was met with critical acclaim for the spiritually awe-inspiring depiction of sportsmanship, and eventually, the manga found itself named amongst the greatest stories ever written. Shortly after the manga started publication, Production I.G picked it up for an anime adaptation back in 2014.

Since then, the anime has expanded over four seasons with 85 episodes in total. Haikyuu!! To the Top Part 2 ended at around chapter 292 of the manga, which leaves 110 chapters and 5 arcs yet to be brought to life. But the recent announcement of the Haikyuu!! Final movies has left fans bamboozled as to whether such a brief screen time would be able to do justice to the final lap of the manga.

Most admirers are condemning this change of pace, but that’s what Production I.G has decided to go with, so here’s a quick rundown of everything we know so far about the Haikyuu!! Final movies.


When Is Haikyuu!! Final: Movie Coming Out?

Presently, official release dates for the Haikyuu!! Final movies have not been announced, but according to a tweet by the franchise account, a kick-off event for the films is scheduled to be held in August 2023. Though it’s too early to deduce when we’ll get to see Hinata flying across the court again, we can speculate it’ll most likely be during 2024.

The announcement was also paired up with a concept visual for the movies which spectacularly showcases an ever-energetic Hinata. The runtime for each Haikyuu!! Final movie should be 2 hours, but it’s hard to imagine if that is ample time to cover crucial turning points in the story.


What Is Haikyuu!! Final: Movie About? (Spoiler Alert)

The fourth season, Haikyuu!! To the Top Part 2, featured team Karasuno finally making it into the Volleyball Nationals after beating Shiratorizawa. Karasuno was able to power through the first round in the Nationals against Tsubakihara Academy. While in the second round they went toe-to-toe with Inarizaki High, and their most diabolical players, the Miya twins. Fortunately, the season ended with Karasuno managing to pull off another bewildering performance, and proceeding to the third round.

The Haikyuu!! Final movies will adapt the story hereafter, where Karasuno battles Nekoma, their long-standing rival. And after that, they’ll be playing against Kamomedai, a game that’ll end up changing every player’s destiny. The story will then follow a time-skip which will be bundled with extreme emotional baggage, so it’ll be best to have some tissues stacked.

Saying that the Haikyuu!! Final movies will mark the end of the road for Hinata and Kageyama is only a tentative outcome for now, as it’s truly possible that the Haikyuu!! universe might expand beyond that. Production I.G may decide not to adapt the entire remaining story, and instead opt for a fifth and final season, but that’s something only time will tell.

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